Study Abroad

Why should I study abroad?

Penn State encourages its students to think globally, and a study abroad program is the perfect opportunity to experience new cultures and academic challenges. The Medieval Studies department sponsors education abroad programs across the globe, including those in:

  • The United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italy
  • Rome
  • Ireland
  • And more!

Students will participate in internships in fields such as museum curatorial work, archival preservation, and academic publishing; and in societies dedicated to recreating and examining material aspects of medieval life.

If you are interested in studying abroad and applying credits towards your Medieval Studies degree requirements, you should consult with the Medieval Studies adviser about the process for receiving approval for courses not listed on the course equivalency list. The Medieval Studies undergraduate director will determine how credits taken abroad may count towards the major. Ideally, students should start this planning before going abroad.

Department-Sponsored Education Abroad Programs